How Do You Know What Size Pillowcase to Get

How Do You Know What Size Pillowcase to Get

The choice of pillows’ shape 

When choosing the pillows, they should be long enough to turn over when you sleep. Adults’ pillows generally are 70-74cm. Pillow shouldn’t be too wide over the head and neck joint, causing muscles to stress. It is a need to buy the pillow height suitable for you to use, thus, doctors commonly suggest that people with hypertension, heart disease, and asthma need to seep on high pillows while low pillows are for people with hypotension and anemia. It’s unhelpful to body health with too high or too low pillows.



The introduction of pillowcases and choice

Standard Size Pillowcase

Pillow size: 20 Inches x 26 Inches

The standard size of pillowcases is suitable for standard and large pillows. The additional material at one end can cover the longer length of the large pillows as well as still look beautiful. Standard size pillowcases are greatly suitable for the pillows placed on single beds and single XL size mattresses or choose to place two standard pillows side by side on full mattresses or large mattresses. 

Queen Size Pillowcase

Pillow size: 20 Inches x 30 Inches

Large pillows are 4 inches longer than the standard pillowcases. The longer size is very suitable for matching large mattresses or king-size beds. According to the brands, some large pillows can be put inside the standard pillowcases. If you are prone to tossing and turning at night, the longer pillow is probably a good idea. The extra length can keep the head and neck supported when you switch the sleep positions. 

King Size Pillowcase

Pillow size: 20 Inches x 36 Inches

King-size pillowcases are more suitable for king-size pillows. They are 10 inches longer than standard size and too large for the pillows that are smaller than king-size pillows. Two king-size pillows can be placed side by side on the king-size mattresses of 76 inches in width. While using two king-size on the large mattresses, the pillows may hang by the beds.

The common questions about pillows and pillowcases:

Do pillows need pillowcases?

Of course. Pillowcases can protect your pillows against stains, spillage, or other damages. And the silk pillowcases of Lingsilk can reduce the thin wrinkles and acne on the face, reduce hair frizz, and improve sleep quality because of its features of softness, smoothness, antibacterial, skin-friendly fabric, anti-static electricity, and low friction, which is an optimal choice.

How often should you wash your pillowcases

Pillowcases should be washed regularly, especially because your face and head are pressed by the pillowcases for more than 7 hours at least a day. Pillowcases should be washed once a week like your sheets. Washing once a week can remove the allergens, dust mites, and sweat, making the materials smell fresh.

How to wash the silk pillowcases?

● Put some neutral or special detergent on the basin with lukewarm water. Different color silks should be soaked and washed apart to avoid fading.

● Soak the silk for 3-5 minutes and then stir gently by hand for no more than 5 minutes.

● Use clean water to rinse the detergent foam, don’t wring it out, just squeeze the water by hand or shake it directly and dry.

Detailed washing introduction can be seen: Useful guidance to protect silk on washing

Are pillows machine washable?

Most pillows are machine washable, but you must check the care instruction. When washing pillows, please set both the washer and dryer on delicate cycles. If your pillows couldn’t machine washable, you can take your pillows to the local dry cleaner to wash once or twice every year to keep the pillows smelling fresh and clean. Using pillowcases can protect your pillows against the effect of spillage and stains. Thus, you don’t need to wash pillows often. 

How to measure the size of pillows?

Pillows are measured in inches and centimeters. Before purchasing pillowcases, please measure the width and length of pillows first if you are unsure which sizes you need. By doing this, you can choose suitable pillows.

After finding the suitable pillowcase size, you can select your favorite colors in your favor. Buy now.



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