How Does Silk Help Me Sleep Better?

How Does Silk Help Me Sleep Better?
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How do I improve my deteriorating sleeping quality?

Under the covid-19, the occasional lock down has reduced our face-to face intimacy with relatives and friends as well as the outdoor sports and increased the pressure of work and life, which led to my rest state and sleep quality having obviously deteriorate. The subsequent changes in my body state were that my skin was dull, my hair fell more, and my energy became worse. Thus, I started to try various ways to improve my sleep such as healthier diets, turning off the electronic equipment before going to bed, setting appropriate bedroom temperatures, and utilizing shading curtains.

After trying many times, I found the most significant product helping me fall asleep--a good silk pillowcase. Although diets, temperature, and light helped improve my sleep at night, it was still difficult to fall asleep sometimes. For example, if my sheet are rough and makes me feel uncomfortable, I couldn't take a rest. At last, my bedding, a silk pillowcase suited for me can play a significant role in helping me fall asleep.

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Silk-those barely unknown things.

I once wonder why this silk pillowcase would be so comfortable and bring me great change. An article on the Exbulletin : <Silk-those barely unknown things> solves my confusion.

As introduced in the article, silk, one of the strongest natural fibers with a soft and slight texture, is mainly composed of silk protein and amino acids. In addition, silk is in high breathability that benefits to maintain a comfortable temperature, which is why silk pillowcases always bring me the highest comfort, allowing me to relax and sleep at the moment of touching it.

Silk is a poor conductor and not easy to generate static electricity. Its texture helps to maintain the natural luster of hair and makes it not easy to be irritable and fall, which are the benefits of using silk pillowcases.

“Besides, there are some surprises in using silk pillowcases. My skin becomes better because the pillowcases I used before are not of high quality and rough in surface, leaving marks in my face when I wake up”, said Jeffrey Spiegel, MD, a facial plastic surgeon, and professor at Boston University. Wrinkles are common if they come with ages, but when you need to check your sleeping habits and bedding, you should be aware that it’s alarming. A study supervised by Jeffrey Spiegel researched showing sleeping wrinkles on the side of your face that you usually sleep. Then he gives two different pillowcases to the volunteers while one is a silk pillowcase, the other is softer and less resistant than cotton to cause wrinkles. The reason for this research that silk has the lowest coefficient of friction stimulation to the human body is only 7.4%. Therefore, silk processes hypoallergenic and water-absorbing quality to prevent the oil or bacteria from staying in the pillowcase, cleaner the contact area, healthier the skin.

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Why do I choose the silk products on Lingsilk? 

I have high requirements for the quality of products. Before making a purchase, know clearly about the products. When finding out that Lingsilk's products are all made of Grade 6A 100% mulberry silk and have certified OEKO-TEX standard 100, one of the most famous textile labels for testing harmful substances, I chose it. The quality of products is indeed convincing after receiving. The design and color of the package are attractive for me, and after using it for times, the condition of my sleeping, hair, and skin does improve. That is why I want to recommend it to others and keep it in use.

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