How to Curl Your Hair with Silk Hair Curler Headbands?

How to Curl Your Hair with Silk Hair Curler Headbands?

I have had total thin and soft hair with a square face for decade. Who knows how I envy the girls who look back and gently smile in the movies with super distinctive curling hair, leaving a deep impression on me. I am tired of straight hair, which is not a perfect hairstyle for my face shape. Therefore, as the old saying goes, sharp tools make food work. I carefully choose the suitable curler headbands that do not hurt the hair and finally find it.

However, it’s not an easy thing to expertly use the curler headbands. On the one hand, you are unfamiliar with the operations, if you incorrectly use the headband, it would possibly hurt your hair. On the other hand, some curler headbands specifically focus on some types of hairstyles, useless for short hair or less hair. The proper instruction for using a headband you need to keep in mind. Just see the following steps:

  1. Wash the hair and wipe dry it. (better dry to 80%)
  1. Fix the curler headband in the middle of the head
  1. Wrap the hair around the headband
  1. Tie the hair tail with silk hair scrunchies
  1. Waiting for a few hours, or sleep the whole night, and then you can get the cute curling hair

Why do you need a silk curler headband?

  1. 100% mulberry silk and premium cotton inside, no safety problems

The main components of silk are mainly protein and amino acid, the latter accounting for 50%. Silk is a poor conductor, which is easy to be adsorbed by static electricity. The natural fiber is degradable for 1 to 5 years. We have considered all problems that you are concerned about.

  1. Right way of curling hair, differing from the electric curlers

The biggest advantage of curler headbands is to get beautiful curling hair without putting heat in your hair. Before going to bed at night, use the curler headband to curl the hair, when all is done, put the hair in the right place for not closing to the face and bothering sleep.

In fact, it is not easy to use the electric curlers. It needs a lot of time and efforts. For better hairstyle, you should only curl a pinch of hair every time. Layering the hair first, the hair in different position need to be curl in different ways and angles, or the hairstyle would be tangled and weird. Not to mention that you might been burned to the electric hair sticks due to the incorrect operations, which would leave marks on the face and hands if serious. However, with silk curler headband, when waking up in the morning, you would get what you want without spending extra time.

  1. No need for electricity, reducing the heated damage and hair breakage and hurts

I believe many girls have such bad experiences that your hair quality had just become worse and worse with increasingly times curling, or the hairstyles are not for your mind though making large efforts. Forget these, this kind of silk curler headband not only does not have these problems but can DIY any hairstyle as you want. Even if you have used it for many times, there is no damage or harm to your hair.

  1. No situation limited, convenient to carry

Once you make the curler headband wrap well on your hair, you can do anything you want. In addition, it’s suitable for a business trip, holiday, party, carrying at home, and camper. Small volume and lightweight, do not run out of much space.

  1. Ideal for dense, thin, curling, or straight hair

Perfect for the girls who have dense, thin, or straight hair. Enough length can hold a large amount of hair, no need to say the thin hair. Beginning a good day with beautiful curling hair!

Our curler headbands don’t choose the hairstyle but give the right for you to choose.

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