Should You Sleep With a Silk Turban?

Should You Sleep With a Silk Turban?

Why silk is the best fabric.

Silk is called “ Fiber Queen” and belongs to protein fiber that contains 18 amino acids necessary for the human body and is extremely the same as the amino acids in the human skin. Compared with cotton, silk can help skin maintain the metabolism of the surface lipid membrane to keep skin hydrated and smooth, endowed with the good name “ The second skin” of humans.

Especially the mulberry silk products, which are outstanding representatives of all silk fibers, have many excellent characteristics. 

➼ Natural and environmental protection: no pollution and irritation, excellent effect on closing to skin. 

➼ Supple and comfortable: nice touch, soft and smooth, good skincare effect.

➼ Good functionality: excellent moisture-wicking, heat dissipation, and moisture release having a specific thermostatic action on the human skin.

➼ Beautiful and elegant: the fabric has good sag and an excellent decorative effect with a natural lustre.

➼ Good effect on anti-bacteria and anti-mite: absorbing sweat quickly and dispersing it, effectively preventing mites and molds from breeding. 

In recent years, these benefits of silks have been known by more and more people.There are more silk products appearing and being popular, such as the silk turban. Sleeping with a silk turban is becoming a new trend.

What are silk turbans for?

The pursuit of beauty should not stop even though in sleep. It’s believed that many people have the annoyances like when you wake up, the hair is dull and frizzy, messy and tangled. It's hard for you to accept your morning appearance in the mirror. Every morning, it wastes lots of time combing out the hair, especially taking many efforts to card the tangled hair alone, not to mention the hair being torn off by accident due to that. When people sleep, constant turnings make the hair and pillowcases produce friction and squeezes, leading to hair tugging. In dry weather, the static electricity generated will further aggravate hair irritability.

A silk turban can significantly solve this problem. Perhaps some people are unaccustomed to wearing a turban to fall asleep, but if I tell you such an easy behaviour will be your great benefit, how would you make the choice? We prove it with powerful examples. In the most popular store, the supply of silk turban silk has once been adequate to demand, forming the phenomenon you need to order in advance to buy it. Why that? As known, silk is super soft and smooth on the surface, hard to generate static electricity, thus, it’s in a low friction coefficient. While you sleep with a silk turban, the friction between hair and pillowcases can be reduced notably, further reducing the tangled hair, which helps improve the hair quality and keep hair clean as before.

Additionally, besides maintaining the natural moisture of skin and hair, the silk turban also features excellent functions of moisture-wicking, heat dissipation, and high breathability. The natural character of temperature-regulating is endowed with the rare capacity of cooling and warming simultaneously, cool in summer and warm in winter, providing a next-level comfort.

Why Ling?

The inner and outer double lining adopt smooth silk fabric.

➼ Specifically choose elastic cord on the back, ruffle design-pleated trim

➼ Beneficial to retaining the natural moisture of skin and hair

➼ Maximum reduce the friction between hair and pillowcase to a large

➼ Reduce frizzy hair and help prevent your hair from breakage, splitting, or tangling when sleeping.

➼ Develop for the product requirements aiming for curled hair / or thick hair.

Sleeping by wearing a silk turban and giving the best care for hair at night in the most straightforward way. Buy now.

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It’s believed that many people have the annoyances like when you wake up, the hair is dull and frizzy, messy and tangled. A silk turban can solve this problem.

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