Useful Guidance to Protect Silk on Washing

Useful Guidance to Protect Silk on Washing

As one of the most luxurious fabrics, silk plays a significant role in human life. Ultimate comfort and most advantages that benefit for human body make it deeply loved by people. However, it’s not easy to protect such delicate fabric due to its unique properties. Correct ways to protect silk fabric are necessities to guarantee its usage life. A few tips are suggested below:


How many ways to wash silk?

As it’s known to all, we can commonly see the label text ”dry clean only” on the silk instruction. The other way to wash silk is hand washing. There is not more than one way to be mentioned required by manufacturers with silk clothing. Thus, how to choose the washing way depends on what way is stated in the instruction.


Can silk be machine washable?

NO! We absolutely don’t recommend machine washing for it will damage the characteristics of silk. Silk is a porous fiber that features temperature regulation and water absorption, protecting the skin against rubbing between clothes and skin. At the same time, silk fabric is so delicate to tenderly care, avoiding dragging heavily on the rough place, which is easy to damage the structure of protein fiber. What’s more, the washer achieves the purpose of decontamination and cleaning by stirring the clothes repeatedly and reversing clockwise and anticlockwise, leading to a high wear rate to clothes, the same to silk. Due to the operation theory of machine washers, it’s clear to see that silk is worse than before. Actually, washer is better suited for cotton, chemical fiber clothes, etc.


Mulberry silk is the natural animal protein fiber, so the colorant can only attach to the surface of silk when dyeing, not the same as other fabrics that directly infiltrate the fiber. You can go to the dryer cleaner to wash the silk if money allowed, which wouldn’t fade, deform, and shrink, especially not damage the fabric. As opposite to what dry cleaning means, liquid can be put in the washers to dilute the chemical solvents. But you need to pay attention to the dryer containing chemical solvents that would weaken the silk fibers for times and decrease the gloss of silk. When you have a dry clean, know clearly how and why to do that to protect your silk fibers.

Is hand washing the best for silk?

It’s no doubt that hand washing gives the best favor to the silk. Gently hand washing can largely retain the features and luster of silk. You can not control the process when silk is washed in machine. Thus, they will influence the effect of use in varying degrees. Hand washing is the only way you can see your eyes and regulate their strength when holding them. 


There are some detailed steps to wash silk you can learn as follow: 

  • Put some neutral or special detergent on the basin with lukewarm water. Different color silks should be soaked and washed apart to avoid fading.
  • Soak the silk for 3-5 minutes and then stir gently by hand in no more than 5 minutes.
  • Use clean water to rinse the detergent foam, don’t wring it out, just squeeze the water by hand or shake it directly and dry.

Not to do:

  • Alkaline detergent   
  • Hot water   
  • Overheated ironing
  • Wring or swing  
  • Direct sunshine expose

Silk offers different benefits in different ways for our life, being vital household products. What we hope is you can have a good sleep, good skin, a good body, and most importantly, a good life. In the same light, best care for the best you.

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