What are the benefits of silk pillowcases?

What are the benefits of silk pillowcases?

Nowadays, people increasingly prefer cotton clothes or accessories due to the wider range of uses of cotton in daily life as well as the change of thoughts. But there is still plenty of people who choose silk fabric as their household items.

As one of the fabrics of animal fibers, the development of silk has experienced a long time from the hard work of silkworms to being an artificial fiber. According to the professional statistics, the Silk Road Economic Belt and the maritime Silk Road (one belt, one road) in the twenty-first Century covered about 63% of the world population. Thus, why can the silk fabric last stand in the costume market?

As long as people who have used silk pillowcases would be attracted by its ultra texture and wonderful experience. In general, a good fabric is defined by its function, durability, appearance, design, and so on, for which silk pillowcases account all with its high strong benefits to anyone in need of unparalleled fabric. They are not only for that.

The silk pillowcase benefits skin

 Face, as the external skin that girls attach great importance to, makes numerous girls pay a large number of efforts to care for it, including setting foot in the medical beauty way endless times. However, sometimes the skin doesn’t become better but is sensitive, resulting in buying more expensive skincare to repair and repeated allergies with changeable seasons. Besides daily diets, cleanliness, and usual care, there are other significant factors affecting our facial skin condition.

Compared with cotton pillowcases, because of the 18 proteins contained in the fabric, silk pillowcases tenderly touch the face without producing heavy friction and tugging or pulling as well as containing any sorts of harsh chemicals. Additionally, the multi-pores structure allows the silk pillowcases to be breathable and ultimate soft, coming with the non-absorbent fabric retaining the face hydrated and anti-allergy. 

It’s worthily to state that silk pillowcases can naturally repel dirt, oil, molds, etc.Some people with acne loyal by silk pillowcases because of less friction that could lead to less inflammation, less scratchy and coarse on sensitive skin, also playing a role in anti-aging to a certain extent.

The silk pillowcase benefits hair

Owing a smooth and glossy hair is the symbol of outstanding temperament. Dermatologists said that silk pillowcases made of 100% pure mulberry silk with a polished surface closely relate to hair improvement. With nearly 600 count threads, which equals 1000 for cotton in durability, silk pillowcases are more delicate than cotton to prevent hair from becoming knotted and matted, whilst do not tugging at your hair follicles and hurting your facial skin.

Moreover, silk pillowcases have natural protein that can reduce 43% friction on average, which is the lowest “Fiber Queen” coefficient friction of all fibers, notably reducing the split ends, breakages, tangles of hair, and getting rid of the morning bedhead caused by static cling. Once you try, the benefits are greatly more than the above.

The silk pillowcase benefits sleep 

When it comes to sleep concerns, the people in sub-health have a say. Human beings spend 1/3 time sleeping and a high-quality sleep decides your energy on the second day. When you toss and turn at night, would remind the silk pillowcases that eliminate your troubles and confusion? Antibacterial material of silk pillowcases create a perfect condition for skin to touch the pillowcases, resembling the cloud-like texture. 

In a laboratory test, Lingsilk pillowcases have been proven to absorb much less cream than cotton pillowcases. Therefore, it would be moisture-wicking and automatically optimize the sleeping condition, rejuvenating your sleep without bothersome aspects. Especially for the girls who pretty much care for the facial skin condition, a silk pillowcase is totally a godsend trustworthy for restorative perfect sleep. Last but not least, your precious skincare put on the face would not be taken away by the pillowcases, which is greatly good for putting an end to the breeding of bacteria from the source.

Regulate Body Temperature 

People rarely know that the Lingsilk pillowcase is equal to the temperature regulator, cool in summer, and warm in winter. So how does it works? The hollow structure of silk makes it absorb moisture in time, when the body temperature gets higher and starts to perspire, the sweat is evaporated from passing through the silk so people would feel cool. 

In the same way, when the lower temperature in winter, the silk as “double glasses” plays a good thermal insulation effect. It’s proven by practice and research that silk pillowcases have the functionalities of protecting the skin, especially the sensitive skin as well as people with arthritis and asthma, of which a truly healthy product, noble and elegant. 

Where to buy a silk pillowcase?

Not all silk pillowcases are made of 100% mulberry silk. In order to care for your health, you need to know something helpful. OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 is one of the most famous textile labels for testing harmful substances in the world. Lingsilk has gotten the OEKO-TEX certificate and all products have been Grade 6A, the higher grades of all levels. Using Lingsilk pillowcases means the assurance of health, good value for money, the comfort of life, and the happiness of a family.

Buy now.

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