Why is silk such good material?

Why is silk such good material?

What is silk? 

As a premium fabric, silk endowed with the name silk queen. In recent years, various silk products have appeared and are popular with people. So what is exactly the silk?

The natural fiber that composed of silk is mainly silk fiber, and it is a continuous long fiber, also called nature silk, solidified by liquid silk secreted when mature cocoons. It’s one of the earliest animal fibers human beings used, including mulberry silk, tussah silk, castor silk, cassava silk, etc. 


There are many different silk types, divided into crepe satin plain, taffefa, silk georgette, grepe silk, crepe de chine silk, and real silk chiffon. All of them can be used for producing clothes with varying degrees of touching and comfort. Featuring different characteristics makes them widely used and promoted in daily life. Of course, silk has been considered one of the most comfortable and high-level fabrics since it was found.

How is silk made?

The eggs laid by female silkworms would be hatched into silkworms. Silkworms are constantly fed a large number of mulberry leaves and cocooned after about six weeks. Once silkworms are spun into cocoons, they have eventually closed themselves inside. Then it is time to extract silk thread. Each thread is carefully rolled from the silk cocoon into a separated long thread and twined on the scroll. After the silk thread is washed and degum, it will be bleached, dried, and later dyed. Up to now, the steps before spinning have all been done.

The spinning process is mainly to unfold the dyed fiber onto the scroll and flatten it preparing for the weaving process, the last step of silk fabric formed. The crisscrossing of two groups of threads makes them lock each other to form a solid and united fabric, such as the most common weaving ways: satin weave, plain, and plain weave. Different weaving ways bring different appearances.

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Why is silk such good material?

Silk contains 18 amino acids necessary for the human body and is extremely the same as the amino acids contained in the human skin. Silk can help skin maintain the metabolism of surface lipid membrane to keep skin hydrated and smooth, endowed with the good name “ The second skin” of humans and favored by people of all ages for its unique charm.

The appearance of silk is of natural luster due to the triangular prismatic structure, which can make silk cloth refracts incident lights in different shapes to produce different colors. That is the characteristic other fabrics do not poccess. Contrasted with many sythetic fibre, silk texture is smooth and soft. What's more, silk is one of the strongest natural fibers with 11% good moisture regain.

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Lingsilk provides a better life with high quality silk products.

Lingsilk not only wants to give you a sweet dream, but also offers omnibearing care for you from every perspective, with silk pillowcases, silk sleep masks, silk turbans, and silk hair scrunchies. Our products are made of high-quality mulberry silk and have certified OEKO, quality reassuring.

Our ace product silk pillowcases are chased by people due to their plenty of characteristics.

Silk pillowcase benefits skin 

Silk, composed of protein fiber, has excellent biocompatibility and incredible smoothness, leading to the lowest coefficient among all fibers, for which the ultra touching and soft texture are the outstanding merits silk can all offer to the human body. When you put your head on the silk pillowcase, what you can feel is just all-night comfort with your face staying moistured and your skin slightly touching the surface of the pillowcase. One silk pillowcase equals one bottle of skincare, why not choose the convenient and effective way?

Silk pillowcase benefits hair 

Silk pillowcases can notably reduce the damage more than the traditional cotton pillowcases cause. A smooth surface contributes to less friction of hair, which is particularly helpful for perming or dyeing hair. Get rid of the tangled and dullness of hair from the start of using silk pillowcases.

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Silk pillowcase benefits sleep

Many research data indicated that silk pillowcases are good for sleep. With soft texture and slight function of massage, silk pillowcases make you easily fall asleep as well as sleep deep. The sweat you perspire and secretion at night can be absorbed fast without producing much friction, creating a clean and warm environment for sleep.

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Are Silk Pillowcases Good for Skin?

Are Silk Pillowcases Good for Skin?

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