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Ling's Story

Regarding the story of Ling, we have to start from a long time ago. When Emily was a child, she lived with her grandma in the country, a place full of green mulberry trees. There are streams in the mountains, and people work at sunrise and rest at sunset. 

Every day is quiet and beautiful. Every spring, grandma started raising silkworms. Watching the silkworms grow up from small dots, and listening to the rustling of silkworms eating mulberry leaves, Emily was deeply attracted by the process of silk cocooning, and was also shaken by this life force. Later, Emily went to study and work further afield, and slowly turned from a little girl to an elite in the workplace. It is also in the continuous growth of life that she considers tenacity and peace to be the most important character factor affecting her. 

As a woman, she always assumes various roles in her life. They are mothers, sisters, daughters, and wives. They may be your friends or you. In reality, every woman is pursuing her own values ​​and dreams, and countless of them have various stories about the silkworms who finally broke the cocoon and turned into a butterfly through hard work. Then, it was the birth of Ling. Ling is not only a brand of bedding products. Emily and all Ling members want to pass on to customers a quality of life like silkworms through Ling. Ling brings better quality of sleep to women. Ling is also used to improve skin and Hair quality, Ling is like a silkworm, warm and powerful.


Not Just a Sweet Dream

The high-quality silk material used by Ling ensures that our pillowcase series products have a good promoting effect on sleep, skin and hair quality. With Ling's products, you can finally return to a good sleep. However, our dream is not only that, in the future Ling will also bring high-quality products into other products that you may use in your life. 
  • We look forward to working with all consumers to promote Ling's progress, and we do not forget to return to the story of our founder Emily raising silkworms as a child, stick to the quality and keep moving forward!  

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Ningnan, a beautiful city deep in the mountains of western Sichuan, China. There is plenty of rain here, in the depths of the Daliang Mountain, a high-altitude area, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it can be called the place closest to the sun and the farthest from the city among all silkworm bases. Ling chose the local silk base in Ningnan as the source of material supply for our products. 

All the materials produced by LING are composed of natural silk fibers. The raw materials of these materials come from nature and are pure and pollution-free.

Born from Natural


Ling's Mission

We keep in initial mind And always focus on
 -Our community
 -Our employees 
 -Our company 
-Our partners 
So we are about to launch “silky life with Ling” based on the original products, covering your home accessories and items you need.