How to wash silk by hand at home?




Fill the salver with warm water ≦30°C/86°F

That is the ideal temperature, and the structure of silk would be changed when slightly higher than that.



Pour in moderate neutral  or special detergent. 

Soak the silk in warm water for 3-5 minutes.



Soak the silk in warm water for 3-5 minutes.

Enough soaking between silk and water to wash better clean.



Imitate the movement of the washer.

Put the silk into water and imitate the movement of washer to gently stir. Then repeat the imitation steps above.



Wash the silk with warm water ≦30°C/86°F

Remove the silk from the water and rinse the detergent foam with clean water until it is clean. 



Use a towel to soak up water after the wash.

Wrap the silk to absorb the moisture with the solid-colored towel without rubbing or wringing it out.



Air the silk out.

Let dry for 24-48 hours and place in frame with your newborn's picture. Cherish forever.



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Cleaning Advice

 - Machine wash and hand wash water temperature below 30 degrees
 - Use a neutral or silk-specific detergent
 - Do not use bleach - Do not tumble dry
 - Hang to dry, avoid direct sunlight
 - Professional dry cleaning of silk fabrics is recommended
 - Avoid direct contact with sharp objects

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Silk Sleep Mask with Silk filling

 - Don’t wash to avoid water jerking and clumping of mulberry silk.
 - It is recommended to steam sterilize silk on a regular basis in a steam ironing machine at a low temperature.
 - Please store in a cool dry place to avoid dust and moisture, don’t use heavy objects, avoid using mothballs and other chemicals, and avoid direct contact with sharp hard objects.


1. How to remove the stains on silk products?

Please refer to the detailed cleaning steps above. According to the instruction, wash ensures that the silk can be clean without damaging the fabric. 

2. How to remove the wrinkles on silk?

Silk is a very delicate fabric. It would appear wrinkles due to improper storage. Thus, it can be challenging to remove the wrinkles without damaging the fabric. There are steps to smooth the wrinkles with iron blow. 
* Wipe the ironing board to ensure it is clean, and then set the iron mode to silk or rayon. If there is no option, please turn down the temperature to the lowest to avoid damaging the fabric.
* Put the silk on the ironing board, test first whether the silk would be stuck or sucked up. If yes, increase the distance between iron and silk. 
* star to ironing the silk quickly and steadily from bottom to top, notice to avoid ironing the place without wrinkles.
* After ironing, cool the silk on the clean clothes hangers.

3. Will the silk shrink or wrinkle after cleaning?

Don’t rub and wring the silk dry after cleaning it, or it will become deformed and cause wrinkles. The right way is to use the clean towel to roll it up to absorb the moisture, and air it out on clothes hangers. Avoid direct exposure to the sun.

4. Is silk machine washable?

Compared with expensive dry laundry stores, hand washing is the low-cost and best way to wash the silk. We don’t recommend machine washing. It would damage the silk structure highly possibly, become deformed, and produce wrinkles.